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Employment disputes: Human Rights Commission returning to B.C.

After a 15-year absence, the Human Rights Commission will be returning to the Pacific Province. That is good news for British Columbia employees and employers embroiled in employment disputes. The NDP government recently made the decision regarding the Commission which was put on the back burner by the Liberals in 2002 and replaced with a tribunal.

Employment disputes: New B.C. government and workers' rights

Worker safety and safeguarding non-unionized workers are just two things the new NDP government is focusing on when it comes to labour issues. Employment disputes in British Columbia are governed by the Ministry of Labour. Harry Bains, the new labour minister, says he is all about supporting workers.

B.C. employment disputes over the use of the bathroom

A former security guard has blamed the loss of his kidney on the fact that his former employer wouldn't let him access the bathroom when he had to go. The 59-year old British Columbia resident was a guard working for a private company. He had the job of guarding government buildings and was assigned to the health building in Victoria. He says that the employment dispute arose when his bosses wouldn't let him leave to use the bathroom.

When B.C. workplace faux pas can lead to employment disputes

When a superior gives an employee negative or critical feedback about his or her job performance, the employee's feelings may be a little hurt, but does that mean he or she has been emotionally abused? When it comes to employment disputes in British Columbia, there are guidelines in place that spell out when an employee could take a superior to task in various situations. That could be anything from bullying to working overtime hours without compensation.

Allocation of annual vacation can lead to employment disputes

Under the British Columbia Employment Standards Act, employees in this province are entitled to annual vacation along with payment for that period. However, employment disputes sometimes arise about when the vacation can or should be taken and whether an employee is entitled to waive annual leave. Although an employee can file a written request to take leave for a particular period, the allocation will be at the discretion of the employer, who may schedule vacation based on business needs.

Employee contracts can avoid employment disputes

Employing someone in British Columbia without having an employment agreement is perfectly legal. However, it is in the best interests of both the employer and the employee to enter into an employment contract. This will help prevent misunderstandings and potential employment disputes. Although such contracts can be negotiated, there are basic elements that all employment contracts must include.

Workplace harassment should not be left to fester

For business owners in British Columbia, it is important to develop effective strategies to manage emerging workplace issues. Employment disputes can be damaging to any company, especially if problems are left unaddressed and allowed to escalate. Some potentially serious problems include issues relating to discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace. In these specific circumstances, some employees may remain silent for years out of fear of reprisal or retaliation.

Employment disputes: Employee caught stealing confidential info

Accreditation Canada, a not-for-profit organisation that helps healthcare institutions across the country qualify for accreditation, had to resort to the courts for an injunction to stop two former employees from using stolen confidential information. Such employment disputes can have devastating consequences for any company.

Strict sexual harassment policy may prevent employment disputes

Successful businesses in British Columbia are typically those in which employee-management relations are built on trust and mutual respect. Employment disputes may arise when these two aspects are not present. Such clashes frequently follow accusations of sexual harassment, which could be detrimental to any business.