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Civil litigation: Woman no human smuggler, police apologize

A woman accused and acquitted of human smuggling has received an apology from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The British Columbia resident launched a civil litigation suit against the police after they made public statements about her while they were conducting a criminal investigation. A police spokesperson said the RCMP realizes public statements made against the woman were improper.

Agency sues B.C. government over alleged foster care abuse

The government of British Columbia is facing a lawsuit that claims a girl was wrongfully taken from her parents and abused after being placed into foster care. The Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia (PGT) alleges that three years ago in April, the Plaintiff was taken from her home and put into foster care, even though there was no lawful reason to do so. The PGT, an independent corporation protecting the legal and financial interests of children, alleges the girl was also removed from her parents without proper procedures being followed. 

What civil litigation entails in British Columbia

Anyone who has been injured or hurt in some way may consider being compensated for their pain and suffering and/or financial loss. In British Columbia, as in all of Canada, a civil lawsuit could potentially be launched. There are important facts to know about the civil lawsuit process.

Civil litigation: Canadian Supreme Court Rules against Google

The tech industry is alarmed about the possibility of global censorship and fears that one country's citizens will have to abide by rules of another country. This followed a decision by the Supreme Court of Canada that a British Columbia Judge was entitled to make an international Judgment in an intellectual property case that went to civil litigation. In that case, the Judge issued Google with an injunction that ordered it to delete search results related to pirated goods worldwide and not only in Canada.