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Common causes of business litigation

Any number of circumstances may give rise to disputes in a business context. When such disagreements occur, the parties may not be able to find resolution through simple negotiation. In such cases, a business may decide to pursue business litigation

In British Columbia, some of the common disputes that lead to business litigation involve financial investments. Clients who find reasons to be unhappy with their investment brokers may choose to leave it to the Court to resolve the issues. These cases could include unethical behavior by brokers and investment fraud. Other common causes for business disputes involve intellectual property violations such as copyright, trademark or patent infringements.

If shareholders or business partners in a closely-held corporation suspect breach of fiduciary duty because their fellow shareholder of partner violated his or her obligations of operating in good faith, they may choose to recover damages through business litigation. Disputes related to insurance claims also represent a significant number of cases in business Courts. It is not uncommon for deceptive language in a contract to be used by commercial insurers to avoid fair payment of claims.

These are but a few of the many areas in which business disputes may arise in British Columbia. A business litigation lawyer can provide advice during negotiation or arbitration, but if no resolution can be found, further representation by such a professional could be invaluable during litigation. A lawyer can protect the rights of the business owner or private individual by advocating on his or her behalf throughout the legal proceedings if the case goes to Court.

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