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Workplace harassment should not be left to fester

For business owners in British Columbia, it is important to develop effective strategies to manage emerging workplace issues. Employment disputes can be damaging to any company, especially if problems are left unaddressed and allowed to escalate. Some potentially serious problems include issues relating to discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace. In these specific circumstances, some employees may remain silent for years out of fear of reprisal or retaliation.

Business litigation: Protecting domain names

The internet has developed into a primary source of marketing for many businesses. Domain names are important marketing assets, and laws and regulations are in place to regulate related matters in British Columbia and across Canada. Sometimes disputes arise that require resolution through business litigation.

Employment disputes: Employee caught stealing confidential info

Accreditation Canada, a not-for-profit organisation that helps healthcare institutions across the country qualify for accreditation, had to resort to the courts for an injunction to stop two former employees from using stolen confidential information. Such employment disputes can have devastating consequences for any company.