Injunctions And Extraordinary Remedies — Key Strategies For Successful Litigation

At Josephson Litigation Counsel, pursuing injunctions and other extraordinary remedies is a hallmark of our practice. Every lawyer knows about these legal processes, but surprisingly few actually leverage these powerful legal tools at the outset of a litigation case. Yet, whether you are suing or being sued, that is precisely when these remedies stand the most chance of protecting your interests and rights.

Vigorous First Steps Set The Tone For A Successful Outcome

For years, our lawyers have realized the power of relying on injunctions and other extraordinary remedies from the very outset of litigation. This involves obtaining orders to either prevent or impose a specific action of the opposing party.

Our aim: Seek the court's intervention to prevent things from going awry while we are litigating your case. Just a few examples of the types we have used successfully:

  • Mareva Injunction — This freezes the assets of defending parties so that our clients can collect on their claim after the judgment.
  • Anton Pillar Order — The "atom bomb" of litigation, this allows our clients entry to an opposing party's home or office to obtain property or documents necessary for the claim.
  • Non-solicitation, non-compete injunctions — These prevent former employees from drawing away key customers and entering into unfair competition with our clients' companies.
  • Injunction defence — This is used to resist and seek dismissal of opposing parties' efforts to impose unfavourable injunctions on our clients.

We are not a firm that waits and reacts only when problems arise. Our approach to litigation is proactive and comprehensive. Injunctions and other extraordinary remedies are tools we frequently wield to prepare the ground for a successful outcome. They send a forceful message to the opposing party and often lead to early settlement. If these strategic measures are right for your case, we will pursue them and put them to timely use on the path toward resolution of your dispute.

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