Waging The Fight Over Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is among the most valuable assets of a business. Safeguarding your right to it requires a forceful and determined legal campaign. At Josephson Litigation Counsel, we are positioned to take up your intellectual property dispute against opponents of any kind, any size.

Our lawyers have successfully litigated high-stakes cases with national and international scope in widely varying industries. We are ready to put that experience to work for you during your intellectual property dispute.

Navigating The Morass Of IP Litigation Issues

Intellectual property issues are often multi-layered, with many intersecting details. As your advocate, we will not simply walk you through the steps of litigation. Once we thoroughly understand the technical details of the intellectual property at stake, we will formulate a strategic legal approach and fight aggressively to safeguard your interests.

When ownership of intellectual property is at stake, we provide the vigorous, proactive legal representation that you need to safeguard your interests in such areas as:

  • Disputes over trademark, patents, copyright, designs, ideas and inventions
  • Infringement and enforcement of IP rights
  • Defending against allegations of infringement
  • Interpretation of license agreement terms
  • Disputes over use of confidential information

Read about our victories in Starbucks v Second Cup and other intellectual property disputes.

Knowledge Of Fees, Before Litigation Even Starts

Josephson Litigation Counsel is a firm that believes in offering choice. We never obligate clients to commit to a future unknown amount for a result that is not certain. We are pioneers of the flexible fee model which provides control over your legal fees and freedom from traditional hourly-rate billing.

Protect Your IP Rights.

If you are facing a dispute over intellectual property, come in and see us for a consultation. We're located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC. Call 604-259-1655 or reach us via our online form.