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Our goal is to achieve successful outcomes for our clients without the heavy burden of legal fees that traditional billing methods often produce. We are pioneering new methods of billing which create value and certainty for our clients.

These methods include Agreed Fee arrangements that are tailored to suit a particular case and the client's objectives. We sit down with our clients and discuss the fees that will be charged for each of the various stages of the litigation process. We agree on the fee for each stage and we are then bound by it. In this way, our clients control their legal fees. There are no surprises at the end of the process.

Our innovative approach allows clients to control their legal fees.

By staying within an Agreed Fee, our services are focused and effective. We will do everything required to achieve success, but we will not engage in unnecessary and unproductive work.

Traditionally, law firms bill clients at the hourly rate of the lawyers performing the services. These rates cover the firm's large overhead costs and may not translate into value for the client. Our innovative approach involves creative and cost-effective methods of providing the same professional advice and service, but in a manner that is financially attractive to our clients.


As a boutique law firm, we constantly seek ways of reducing costs to our clients, one of which is through outsourcing.

We embrace the modern world in which lawyers can outsource certain functions to experts in the field who can perform these services in a more cost-effective manner than lawyers. We use various service providers at reduced rates to assist in areas such as document management, registry filing and research. The experts to whom we outsource our work are all highly-regarded and recognized professionals in their field.

By outsourcing those tasks that are best performed by specialists, we are able to reduce our fees to our clients by significant amounts.