Navigating The Complexities Of Estate And Trust Litigation

Resolving disputes over a deceased's estate is a complex exercise. In an area as sensitive as estates and trust litigation, an efficient, decisive approach works best. At Josephson Litigation Counsel, we aim to vigorously protect your interests while simultaneously managing the delicacies of relationships that risk becoming collateral damage during a legal fight.

Our Commitment To Your Cause

When you come in to discuss your estate or trust matter with us, we proceed on the basis that your story is the one that governs. Our role is not simply to walk you through the litigation process, but to advocate on your behalf — to pursue your cause with passion and dedication.

Our lawyers can protect your rights over such contentious estate litigation issues as:

  • Mismanagement and breach of trust by executors or trustees
  • Disagreements between co-executors or co-trustees
  • Challenges to the validity of a will
  • Challenges to the mental capacity of a testator
  • Claims of undue influence over a testator
  • Disinheritance and varying the terms of an unfair will
  • Fraudulent conveyances

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Maximize Your Gain. Know Your Fees Up Front.

Our firm is innovative in giving clients the choice to access legal advice without the burden of traditional billing methods. We do not obligate clients to commit to an unknown amount before a result has been achieved. Our Flexible Fees arrangement gives you the certainty of knowing exactly how much your legal fees could be from the outset.

Let Us Take On Your Cause

If you are facing a trust or estate dispute, Josephson Litigation Counsel is ready to step in as your strongest legal advocate. Come in to discuss the matter with us today. Call us at 604-259-1655 or reach us through our site's online form.