Entertainment Law Litigation

Disputes in the entertainment industry can often be complex, with multiple areas of law intersecting at once. Over the years, our firm has represented clients in disputes involving a range of industry notables. We also act as a resource that other Canadian law firms turn to for legal advice on entertainment law issues. We are well-positioned to help you strategically navigate legal issues involving TV, film, music and live performance productions in Vancouver, BC.

A Strong Approach To Handing Entertainment Disputes

At Josephson Litigation Counsel, our approach to litigation is positive, proactive and forceful —never passive. We enter every case not simply to settle, but with the express mission to win. We can take your cause and pursue it with the commitment needed to achieve a successful outcome within the full range of entertainment law issues including:

  • Contract drafting, negotiating and interpretation
  • Protecting the rights and best interests of young performers
  • Disputes over royalties and intellectual property
  • Licensing and distribution issues
  • Financing and joint venture productions
  • Issues arising from insurance claims
  • Legal advice on entertainment industry standards

Flexible, Agreed Fees Up Front

One of our firm's distinguishing advantages is that our clients can choose to control their own legal fees. Our flexible legal fees let you determine your legal fees before we begin working on your case. You receive professional legal representation without being forced to shoulder the uncertainty of traditional hourly-rate fees.

Let Us Advise You On Your Entertainment Legal Dispute

Let our lawyers take over your legal burden and pursue your case with dedication and passion. Drop us a line at 604-259-1655 or via our site's online form.