Proven Techniques For Terminating Employees

Terminating employees is tricky business for even the most savvy of employers. It is an area that is often rife with contention, complications and, when not done correctly, the potential for liability. However, contrary to common perception, dismissals do not have to be one-sided, drawn-out battles where an employee takes all at your expense. The key is having access to strategic legal advice early on in the process.

Employment Termination Techniques That Work

At Josephson Litigation Counsel, our style of employer representation is proactive and effective. We help employers in Vancouver and British Columbia to avoid unsuccessful strategies and to carry out employee dismissals with less time and expense. Over the years, our firm has developed techniques for navigating complex compensation issues such as:

  • Amount of reasonable notice — determining the proper amount to pay a departing employee so as to limit costs, avoid liability and achieve a speedy employee exit
  • Method of giving severance — deciding between lump-sum payouts, working notice or salary continuance
  • Leveraging incentive bonuses — for speedier results at a reduced payout
  • Mitigation issues — minimizing your cost if an employee fails to find other employment after a dismissal

Watch our video about employment termination strategies.

Strategic Advice At Fixed Prices

Another key benefit we offer employers is that we provide strategic legal advice without the burden of traditional legal fees. Our Flexible Fee Structures and Employer Advisory Services program let you have the security of knowing your legal fees in advance, with no surprises.

Talk With Us About An Upcoming Termination

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