Proactive Resolution Of Employment Disputes

Effective management of employment issues is at the core of every successful enterprise. As a business owner or executive, you cannot afford to let workplace problems fester. Taking quick, decisive action makes good business sense. When disputes arise, Josephson Litigation Counsel is ready to step in. We will quickly provide you with vital legal advice and practical solutions to address employment issues head-on and conclude them with finality.

Tackling The Full Range Of Workplace Issues

For years, our firm has been a legal force backing employers throughout Vancouver and British Columbia. After years of practice, we have consistently seen how vigorous action is the best method for resolving employment disputes early on and with minimal risk of liability.

Over the years, we have developed effective employer strategies for:

  • Developing and implementing workplace policies
  • Drafting employer-protective work agreements
  • Making expedient, cost-effective employee dismissals
  • Addressing harassment and workplace bullying
  • Avoiding discrimination on prohibited grounds and upholding bona fide work requirements
  • Meeting an employer's duty to accommodate disability and illness
  • Dealing with absenteeism, under-performance and problem employees

Read about our successes in resolving employers' disputes.

Set Fee Arrangements — Know Your Costs Up Front

Employers need ready access to qualified legal advice. Yet, traditional fees are becoming less and less acceptable. At Josephson Litigation Counsel, the calls for choice and control are being heard. Employers also especially appreciate the value built into our Employer Advisory Services program and Flexible Fees Arrangement. Both initiatives let you obtain professional legal advice without the burden of traditional hourly fees.

Delay Is Expensive. Let Us Resolve Your Workplace Disputes.

The path to resolving employment disputes begins with a consultation. Get in touch with our lawyers by calling 604-259-1655 or via email.