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Over the years, Ronald Josephson has founded the following organizations, dedicated to charitable giving and community engagement:

The Gratitude Effect

The Gratitude Æffect

The Gratitude Æffect Foundation was founded in June 2009 by a group of people with one simple belief: that their own gratitude has the power to effect and affect the lives of others and could one day end hunger and homelessness in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.

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Street Smart | Feed Your Comunity

Streetsmart Canada

StreetSmart Canada is the easiest way for leading restaurants and their guests to share their gratitude and support local food programs and the people who depend on them each year. During November and December, participating StreetSmart Canada restaurants invite their guests to donate a dollar (or more) to our project. Our vision is to eliminate hunger in communities across Canada and change the lives of the many families who turn to food banks everyday in order to feed themselves and their families.

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Canada China Lawyers Foundation

Canada-china Lawyers Foundation

Ronald Josephson established the Canada-China Lawyers Foundation to realize his vision to have distinguished lawyers from China meet on a regular basis with their counterparts from Canada. The Foundation's mission is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise between leading Chinese and Canadian lawyers.

Past Event Videos

Gratitude Week 2009 / Sign Of The Times Psa

What do you have to be grateful for?

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Streetsmart Canada / Feed Your Community This Holiday Season

The StreetSmart Project invites you to make a donation to the food bank while you dine out at participating restaurants. It's simple, effective and 100% of all funds raised go back into your community.

Community Events Gallery

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    Gratitude Week 2009 - Ronald Josephson with Mayor Gregor Robertson

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    Gratitude Week 2009 - Wall of Gratitude

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    Gratitude Week 2009 - I am grateful for the fact that there are people who care.

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    Gratitude Week 2009 - “I was warm and dry last night”

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    Gratitude Week 2009 - What are you grateful for

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    Gratitude Week 2009 - “I was hugged today.”

Other Community News

Ronald Josephson is a philanthropist at heart, and is passionate about various worthy causes involving helping those less fortunate in our communities.