Resolving Disputes In A Partnership

Partnership disputes are among the most challenging to navigate in the business world. With each party possessing significant say and sizeable investment in the relationship, unresolved conflict can quickly paralyse the business enterprise. During such critical times, Josephson Litigation Counsel is ready to step in and provide decisive legal direction to resolve heated conflict between partners.

Navigating The Dynamics Of Partnership Disputes

Our lawyers have acted as vigorous legal advocates for business partners throughout Vancouver, British Columbia, and internationally. Whether your goal is to resolve the dispute and carry on business, or the partnership is at a breaking point, we combine our extensive trial experience with a forceful and proactive approach to resolve your matter.

We understand the highly personal nature built into partnership arrangements. As your advocate, we will not simply walk you through litigation. We will:

  • Believe in your cause and take it on as our own
  • Provide cool-headed, incisive analysis of your issues and legal options
  • Develop a thoughtful and systematic legal strategy
  • Fight with passion and commitment to achieve your desired result

Whatever your partnership dispute, we aim for a positive outcome that minimizes collateral damage and works to achieve your overall goals for the partnership.

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Agreed Fees. Guaranteed Value.

In our personal capacities, we have experienced firsthand the tremendous burden that results from traditional billing methods. In response, we offer the counterpoint to hourly rate legal fees through our Flexible Fee Arrangement. This puts control back into your hands by allowing you to determine your legal costs up front.

Let Us Give You A Professional Opinion On Your Partnership Dispute

Resolving your partnership dispute starts with strategic legal advice. Talk with us today by calling 604-259-1655 or by reaching us online.