Dispute Resolution For Joint Ventures

The joining together of several parties for a single business undertaking comes with the potential for great opportunity, but also paralyzing conflict. At Josephson Litigation Counsel, we provide experienced legal direction to put a decisive end to contentious issues and keep the venture moving forward.

Belief In The Possibilities. Strength To Pursue The Goal.

When strong wills converge, a vigorous, proactive approach and considered legal strategy are key to restoring harmony. Where others see roadblocks, our lawyers have a keen eye for the possibilities and positives contained in each case. This approach underlies every success we've had finding creative solutions to tough disputes for clients throughout Vancouver, Canada, and internationally.

As trial lawyers, we can advocate for your best interests in joint venture disputes involving such issues as:

  • Interpretation of joint venture agreements
  • Supervisory, decision-making and signing authority issues
  • Employee-related concerns
  • Funding, expenses and payment issues
  • Joint venturers' rights, limitations and liability
  • Equitable division of profits and shared losses
  • Nonperformance and default by fellow joint venturers
  • Handling of confidential information
  • Termination of a joint venture

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Up-Front Fees From The Start

One of the greatest benefits we offer to clients is the choice to control legal fees. Traditional hourly rates are becoming increasingly unacceptable to those seeking legal help. In response, our firm has innovated billing methods to maximize value. With our Flexible Fee Arrangement, you will always be fully apprised of your legal fees during your case.

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