Resolving Franchise And Distributorship Disputes

When franchises and distributorships are running well, all parties benefit. But when conflict arises, interpreting the precise nature of the relationship is usually a complex, detail-driven exercise. At Josephson Litigation Counsel, we bring together our legal knowledge in various practice areas to help clients navigate the challenges unique to franchise and distributorship arrangements.

Defending Our Clients Rights In The Relationship

Our firm has acted for franchisees, franchisors, manufacturers, dealerships and distributors throughout Canada and internationally. Our lawyers have also litigated multi-jurisdictional franchise disputes. In each case, our commitment is the same: to launch a vigorous fight to protect the rights of our clients in this highly technical area of law.

The foundation of our consistent success in resolving franchise and distributorship disputes is our approach to litigation. From the start, we take proactive steps focusing on the strengths of your case. Our lawyers are ready to protect your right in such matters as:

  • Interpretation and enforcement of contractual rights and obligations
  • Nonperformance, fraud and misrepresentation
  • Wrongful termination
  • Contractual breaches
  • Brand protection and intellectual property rights
  • Autonomy and dependence issues
  • Payment default
  • Encroachment and unfair competition
  • Confidentiality issues

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Legal Representation Without The Burden Of Traditional Billing

Our firm is a pioneer of flexible fee arrangements. This initiative provides the legal help you need at a fee that is structured to your preference and needs. You get all the value with none of the uncertainty of traditional hourly rates.

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