Litigation For Commercial Matters

Any disruptive issue arising in a commercial enterprise has the potential to infect critical operations. When commercial obstacles threaten your business and litigation is the only viable route, Josephson Litigation Counsel is ready to act as the vigorous defender of your rights. We take a consistently proactive, goal-oriented approach to resolve your dispute in a way that best suits your commercial needs. Our mission: work hard to gain a victory in favour of your interests.

Calculated, Systematic Legal Strategies

At Josephson Litigation Counsel, litigation is our passion. Once we become your advocate, your goals become the directing force of our campaign. We will identify the strengths of your case and build our legal strategy around those key elements. We will outline your options, anticipate the risks and pursue your claim on the path toward a successful resolution.

We can litigate for you in such commercial matters as:

  • Non-payment or non-delivery of goods and services
  • Supply and distribution issues
  • Unfair business practices
  • Product liability claims
  • Financial disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Property and equipment leasing

You Control Your Legal Fees

Josephson Litigation Counsel is a leader in flexible legal fees. Our agreed-fees arrangement lets you know right from the outset what your legal fees might total. We will never obligate you to shoulder the uncertainty of paying traditional hourly rates for a result that is not yet certain.

Let Us Take Over Your Burden Of Litigation

Let our lawyers give you a professional opinion on your commercial litigation dispute. We are located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Drop us a line at 604-259-1655 or email us via our online form.