Commercial Lease Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise concerning leases on commercial space or equipment, both lessor and lessee have much at stake. Protracted, unresolved disputes can suddenly burst into desperate actions with devastating impacts on each party's business operations and commercial interests. At Josephson Litigation Counsel, we approach commercial lease disputes forcefully and proactively to prevent these outcomes and achieve a successful resolution.

Taking A Commanding Lead In Disputes

Our lawyers have helped commercial landlords and tenants throughout Vancouver, Canada, and the United States, to address their grievances head-on. Our role is to take the legal burden off you and embark on a concentrated campaign to secure your rights in such issues as:

  • Limitations on use of leased property
  • Payment defaults and rent arrears
  • Disagreements on non-rent operating costs
  • Renewal rights, extensions and early terminations
  • Evictions, failure to vacate and right of re-entry
  • Improvements/fixtures
  • Determination of liability for damage
  • Changes to lease arrangements

You Retain Control Over Your Legal Fees

Our firm is different from other litigation boutiques. You will never find yourself at the mercy of an unknown amount in traditional hourly rates. Our Flexible Fee Arrangement gives you the choice to negotiate set legal fees right at the start of your case.

Take The First Step To Ending Your Lease Dispute

Our lawyers are ready to direct you on the path to end your commercial lease dispute. Get in touch with us by calling 604-259-1655 or through our site's online email form.