Resolving Contractual Disputes

Parties to a contract have a right to rely on mutually accepted agreements. When one side does not make good on their end of the bargain, the foundation for the business relationship hangs in the balance. Recognizing all that is at jeopardy, Josephson Litigation Counsel takes a forceful lead in addressing disputes arising from a breach of contract.

Our approach: decisive action to ensure swift outcomes and effective remedies.

Solutions To Get Business Objectives Back On Track

Our firm has been a legal force pursuing disputes to successful resolutions for clients throughout Vancouver, BC. We have worked on major, high-stakes cases in Canada and internationally. We draw on these experiences to gain our clients' advantage in contractual disputes such as:

  • Failure to perform obligations under the contract
  • Nonpayment of monies owing
  • Misrepresentation and fraud
  • Nondisclosure
  • Contract cancellation, interruption and termination
  • Interpretation of contract ambiguity
  • Exclusion and exemption clauses
  • Non-written, oral agreements

As business relationships become increasingly complex, disputes need to be managed with firmness and finality. Whatever level of dispute resolution proves necessary — from negotiation and mediation to arbitration and business litigation — we will marshal the legal principles and techniques necessary to advance your cause toward a successful conclusion.

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Up-Front Fees. No Surprises.

One of the major differences between our firm and other litigation boutiques is our Flexible Fee Arrangement. This agreed-fee option puts you in control of your fees — not at the end of the line, but from the outset of your case. We will never obligate you to commit to an unknown hourly-rate total before the outcome has been achieved.

Let Us Put An End To Your Contractual Grievance

We are ready to work at resolving your dispute — quickly and effectively. Come in and talk with our lawyers. Reach out to us today by calling 604-259-1655 or via email.