Making Alternative Dispute Resolution Work

In recent years, executives have become increasingly interested in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). When used strategically, these techniques can put an early end to business disputes — with positive outcomes at the least expense. In other situations, clients can achieve superior results through litigation. At Josephson Litigation Counsel, we draw on our years of practice to help you make the right decision on how to resolve your dispute. Then, we will forge ahead to pursue the best outcome for your case.

Positive Results Through Effective Representation

Our lawyers have represented clients with disputes throughout Vancouver, BC. When you bring your case to our firm for advice, we will support your side as the one that governs. Then, we will determine the strengths of your case and find the best legal path to achieve your desired outcome.

If ADR is right for you, we will draw up a focused, well-targeted campaign to advocate on your behalf through:

Each alternative method has its own benefits and requires a different, strategic approach. Our role is to work effectively so that your issue does not escalate, but that it reaches a successful conclusion.

Maximize Your Gain. Limit Your Costs.

In our personal capacities, we have experienced the burden of having no options for legal fees. That is why we always offer our clients the choice to control legal fees. In contrast to traditional hourly rates, our Flexible Fees Arrangement lets you know your legal fees before your case even begins.

Consult With Us. We Will Work To End Your Dispute.

Our lawyers are ready to take on your cause and pursue a successful outcome using the most effective route available. Come in for a consultation. Call 604-259-1655 or reach us by email.