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  1. Our passion & commitment to our clients’ cause is
    our raison d’etre.
    What sets our firm apart
  2. We are forceful advocates
    for our clients’
    rights & interests.
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  3. Resolving business &
    employment disputes is
    what we do.
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  4. Our innovative and flexible
    fee structures create
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Your Success — Through Our Passion And Commitment To Your Cause

At Josephson Litigation Counsel, success means taking your cause and making it our own. We focus exclusively on what we do best: solving complex business and employment disputes in Vancouver, BC and internationally.

Whether you are being sued or need to sue, we aim to win a strategic victory for your rights and interests. As your strongest advocate, we will:

  • Passionately pursue
    your case
  • Amplify the strengths of
    your case
  • Objectively assess any
    risks in your case
  • Take a commanding,
    proactive lead

One of the reasons behind our success is that we take a confident, commanding and proactive lead for every case. No matter how challenging your matter, we will find the legal means to pursue the best possible outcome for you.

What Sets Our Firm Apart: Flexible Fees

One of the biggest differences between us and other litigation boutiques is that we give you control over your legal fees. Hourly-rate billing is becoming less and less acceptable to those seeking legal advice. We have heard the call. We have responded with innovative fee structures that put choice back into the hands of clients.

Our agreed or alternative fee arrangements give you the power to achieve a successful outcome without the heavy burden of traditional billing methods.

Learn More About Our Flexible Fees

You Will Always Be Connected

Our lawyers know how much is at stake during litigation. You deserve to be in the know at every stage of the legal process. You cannot afford to have your calls and questions go unanswered.

At Josephson Litigation Counsel, keeping you informed is a top priority. We do not go home at night until we have returned every call, every email. We will be assiduous about keeping you apprised of each new development on the path to a successful resolution.

Get in touch with us about your legal matter today. Call us at 604-259-1655 or email us via our online form.

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  • What People Are Saying About Us

    The professionalism, timeliness, and levels of service that Mr. Josephson provided were outstanding. As a mediator, his skills are unsurpassed; as a litigator, he is world class; and as a strategic thinker, he is the best. His demeanour, experience, and in-depth knowledge enabled my clients and me to develop trust and confidence in his advice. Josephson Litigation Counsel is efficient and cost-effective and provides the best possible advice in the areas of employment law and corporate litigation. Dr. Eli Konorti, President, Advantage Management Consulting

  • What People Are Saying About Us

    Ronald Josephson has demonstrated a true commitment to seeking the best solutions for our needs for the past 10 years. He is consistently prompt in his responsiveness and has exceptional knowledge of regulations. He has represented our needs very effectively in a number of important negotiations. I certainly feel that there is no alternative to meet our business litigation needs as commendably as Ronald. Robert Malczyk, Principal, Equilibrium Consulting Inc.

  • What People Are Saying About Us

    On each occasion we have followed the prompt advice of JLC and have had difficult employment situations resolved in a matter of days without any complications and or delays. Once the problem is discussed and handed over to JLC it is business as usual at GSC. It is indeed very helpful to have JLC as our Employer Advisory Services firm as their attention to detail and promptness in delivering advice and execution is truly gratifying. Lexie Bernstein, President, Global Shoe Connection